New housing projects in Newham which are half dedicated to social renting will help prevent a segregated bubble of wealth developing as a result of the development of the Olympic Park.

That's what the mayor of Newham, Rokhsana Fiaz, has told this newspaper as she speaks on her plans to tackle the housing crisis.

Ms Fiaz said: "What I do not want in any part of Newham is a situation where we have a neighbourhood with haves and have nots or we have segregated geographies.”

She said there are some 35,000 people on the housing waiting list and an increase of people in temporary housing.

“There is only 38 per cent of affordable housing across the sites in the Olympic Park geography. In the context of the housing prices that is a really poor showing, some serious lessons need to be learnt.”

To tackle this, Ms Fiaz said large developments already underway will see 2,175 homes built in the borough, with 50 per cent of those designed for social rent.

That includes the £1 billion regeneration of the Carpenters Estate.

Additionally, after she was re-elected in May, Ms Fiaz pledged to get the ball rolling on an additional 1,500 affordable homes in her second term.

The Mayor of Newham said: “The 1,500, which is part of the building a fairer Newham manifesto, is an additionality to the existing housing that is coming through our own pipeline and that will be through a combination of us building … and acquisitions of homes that have been built by other developers.”