Local election 2022: Rokhsana Fiaz wins second term as Newham mayor 

Labour's Rokhsana Fiaz was re-elected as Newham's mayor, winning a total of 35,696 votes

Labour's Rokhsana Fiaz was re-elected as Newham's mayor, winning a total of 35,696 votes - Credit: Andrew Baker

Labour’s Rokhsana Fiaz has retained her role as the mayor of Newham, though with a significantly smaller vote share than four years ago. 

Ms Fiaz received a total of 35,696 votes, far ahead of second-placed Conservative candidate, Attic Rahman, with 7,319 votes.

But she got less than her 2018 total of 53,214 votes. 

This represents a drop in percentage terms from 73.4 per cent to 56.2pc. 

Overall figures for the mayoral election was also down from 72,473 votes four years ago to 63,487 this year. 

Following her win, Ms Fiaz pledged to give Newham “every second, of every hour, of every day, of every month”, telling those in attendance: “This is my purpose, and this is the purpose of Labour in Newham.

“Labour is winning and is showing what Labour can and will do in power.” 

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On her response to her re-election, she said: “I feel over the moon, but also an enormous sense of privilege and purpose for the people of Newham and the voters that endorsed my candidature and the programme that I put forward.” 

When asked about her reduced percentage share, she pointed to the low turnout across London, saying it is no surprise that this has also been reflected in Newham. 

She added: “I’ve got a mandate, I’ve secured the majority of the votes cast, and I will be using that as the basis on which to advance my programme of change and ongoing transformation.” 

Conservative candidate Attic Rahman, who clinched second place, said he was "a little bit disappointed with the result".

"Of course we could have done better," he said, "but I think we ran a positive and supportive campaign."

Rob Callender, the Green candidate who took third place with 7,003 votes, said he was “pretty pleased to be in quite a close third place, with 287 votes between us and the Tories”. 

Having not even fielded a mayoral candidate in 2018, he felt it showed people are concerned with the climate emergency and the way Newham’s council has been run. 

“I think we’re going to be a force to reckon with in Newham.” 

The results in full are: 

Simeon Adewole Ademolake, Christian Peoples’ Alliance, 2,405 

Dr Saleyha Ahsan, Liberal Democrats, 3,528 

Lois Austin, Trade Unionist and Socialist Union, 2,096 

Rob Callender, Green Party, 7,003 

Rokhsana Fiaz, Labour, 35,696 

Mehmood Mirza, Independent, 5,369 

Attic Rahman, Conservative, 7,390