More than 20 places in Newham hit by flooding, council says


Flooding in Sixth Avenue, Manor Park. - Credit: Will Knox-Walker

Torrential rain caused flash flooding in more than 20 places across the borough.

Newham Council's emergency response team received reports of downpours affecting 22 areas, including East Ham, Canning Town, Stratford and Forest Gate on Sunday, July 25.

High Street South, Green Street, Upton Lane, Kimberley Road, Sherrard Road, Shrewsbury Road and Goldsmith Avenue were among those hit.

The Stratford Centre, Canning Town station and Pudding Mill Lane station were also flooded, according to the council.

Newham Hospital's A&E was closed because of the downpour but has since reopened.

Local authority workers delivered sandbags to some of the homes in the worst affected areas, with street cleaners sweeping away any debris on Monday (July 26).

Newham's highways team remains on standby with storms forecast by the Met Office on Tuesday.

Neighbours have complained of litter blocking drains causing water to build up.

Resident Will Knox-Walker told the Recorder that water started to wash away in Sixth Avenue, Manor Park, once neighbours started poking through dirt in the drains.

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Responsibility for clearing the surface water drainage gullies lies with the town hall.

A council spokesperson said: "When there is a large amount of water fall in a short period of time, flash floods can occur which is unfortunately what happened in Newham and other parts of London on Sunday.

"All of the water drained away from the flooded roads which demonstrates the drainage system is working."

The places listed below were reported to Newham's emergency response team:

Upton Lane

Roman Road

Kimberley Road

Clova Road

Buxton Road

Sherrard Road

Shrewsbury Road

Chargeable Lane car park

Wanlip Road

Terrace Road

High Street South

Katherine Road

Goldsmith Avenue

Beaconsfield Road

Green Street  

Hermit Road

Marsh Gate Lane

Tyus Road

Washington Road

Stratford Centre

Pudding Mill Lane station

Canning Town station