London is set to get a lot colder in the coming weeks as early weather forecaster predictions suggest snow could be on the way.

The Met Office is already warning that parts of the UK could see 3cm of snowfall in spots as temperatures are expected to drop down to -7C.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has already launched the severe weather emergency protocol allowing shelters to open to protect rough sleepers in the capital.

As areas of the UK are expected to see snowfall, it is likely that parts of London could also see some white crips days.

The exact date London will get snow

According to weather forecasters WXCharts, London could see some snow starting on December 3.

The forecasters suggest that up to 2cm of snow is heading for the region, but it might not set with some rainfall also heading towards London.

WXCharts are not the only weather forecasters with snow on the horizon as BBC Weather also predicts some fleet on the way.

According to BBC Weather, sleet showers will take place on December 3 in the early morning, starting at 7am and lasting until 10am.

Unlike BBC Weather and WXCharts, the Met Office suggests that you may have to wait a little longer for snowy conditions.

Instead, London will see cold temperatures, with feelings of -1C and highs of just 3C for the region.

Discussing the weather, the Met Office said: "Cold with some early morning mist and fog into the weekend.

"Wintry showers continuing around coasts Friday but looking drier Saturday. Perhaps cloudier Sunday, somewhat milder with rain possible."

You can see the full weather forecasts via the Met Office website.