The last few days have seen extreme and mixed weather conditions for much of London.

As Storm Ciaran brought heavy rain and strong winds, seeing the Met Office placed weather warnings across London.

Now that much of the storm is over, planned events that feel they can still go ahead for fireworks night will be taking place.

Around London, there will be a lot of fireworks displays taking place and if you are heading out to celebrate, you'll want to check the forecast so you are prepared for the weather conditions.

London's Fireworks Night Weather Forecast

As fireworks displays will be taking place across the upcoming weekend, starting on Saturday, November 4 you can expect wet conditions. 

With highs of 80% chance of precipitation and lows of 40% during the early afternoon.

From 6pm on Saturday, the conditions will be wet with dark clouds and an expected temperature of 11C.

There will also be some wind, with highs of 30mph at 3pm before calming down to 17mph in the late evening. 

Moving on to Sunday, November 5, a.k.a fireworks night, the day will be much clearer than Saturday. 

Although there will be some rain, with a 30% chance of precipitation at 3pm, in the evening the rain will clear.

Newham Recorder: Check the weather condition for fireworks night.Check the weather condition for fireworks night. (Image: Canva)

Daytime will see cloudy sunny skies but early evening will see clear skies making it perfect firework display conditions. 

However, there will still be wind in the region with highs of 25mph at midday and 23mph in the evening. 

You can see the full weather forecast via the Met Office. 

The Met Office forecast says: "Remaining unsettled and breezy. Rain breaking up Friday, leaving showers and brighter spells.

"Thick cloud and heavy rain arrive overnight, followed by heavy squally showers through Saturday, fragmenting through Sunday."