Roads around the site of the future ABBA Arena are "intolerable" because of car and motorcycle meets, a resident has claimed.

Noise and speeding vehicles gathering outside Pudding Mill Lane DLR station continue to plague people nearby, they said.

This is close to where a custom-built venue on the fringes of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is being built in order to stage ABBA's first concerts in 40 years.


The man, who asked not to be named, alleged streets "regularly" see drivers doing burnouts and motorcyclists performing wheelies in Barbers Road, Cook's Road and Pudding Mill Lane.

"The impact on residents has been one of severe noise disturbance which can happen at any time of the day or night.

"For pedestrians using the station, this can be very intimidating. Living in this area has become intolerable at times over the past two years," he said.

Last year, a neighbour warned someone could be killed by joyriders in the area.

Adequate CCTV is one of their demands, on top of traffic calming measures to deter racing.

Tom Page, general manager for DLR at Transport for London (TfL), said: "We understand the impact antisocial behaviour has.

"We continue to work with partners, including the Metropolitan and British Transport Police, to look at ways we can tackle these issues."

TfL maintains the majority of antisocial behaviour is on roads it does not manage, with only two reported incidents on the concourse next to the station since 2014. It adds DLR staff use CCTV and patrol regularly.

But the resident alleged there had been many more.

A Newham Council spokesperson said it works closely with the police and has acted against car meets, taking allegations of such behaviour seriously.

He added: "The [ABBA Arena] has an event and venue management plan that includes detailed planning on stewarding, transport, travel and security. The operator has been working with the [London Legacy Development Corporation], the council and police for some years but we will be monitoring the situation."

Two car meets were shut down by the police and council in September at Beckton Retail Park and in Royal Albert Way.

To report antisocial behaviour, call the police on 101.

The Metropolitan Police has not commented.