Up to 100 drivers thwarted in crackdown on car meets in Newham

car seized by police

A total of six vehicles were seized during the crackdown. - Credit: LBN

Two car meets have been broken up as part of a crackdown by the police and town hall.

Officers said up to 100 drivers' hopes of gathering in their motors were dashed as they targeted the meets at Beckton Retail Park and in Royal Albert Way.

Roads traffic police, safer neighbourhoods teams and the Met's special constabulary said they stopped the events on September 18 and 25.

Cllr James Beckles, cabinet lead for crime and community safety, said: "This kind of activity is highly disruptive and dangerous for residents and is often linked to other criminal activity.

"By working closely with the police to tackle the issue, we have sent a strong message to those involved that this will not be tolerated in Newham.

"We will continue to use all tools at our disposal to disrupt this illegal activity."

Six vehicles were seized for no insurance, two arrests were made on suspicion of drink driving, 20 antisocial behaviour warnings were issued and 14 drug searches resulted in two arrests on suspicion of cannabis possession during the operations.

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Newham Council and the police teamed up for the joint action to tackle alleged illegal car meets causing danger and disruption to people in the borough's neighbourhoods.

The local authority also supported the planned enforcement effort by closing roads to help the police with the crackdown.

Regular operations are also underway with traffic officers, supported by community safety officers from the town hall, closing down any car meets attracting criminal behaviour.

Supt Ian Brown said: "As a result of residents raising concerns about illegal car meets, the local authority and Metropolitan Police Service are working in close partnership to target those who choose to commit criminal acts with a range of tactics, including seizing vehicles, issuing antisocial behaviour notices and bringing prosecutions.

"I have a very clear message to those involved: if you choose to come to Newham and disrupt the lives of law-abiding residents, we will deal with you and we will deal with you robustly."