Recreate idyllic childhood summers on an East End rooftop

Rooftop Crowd

Rooftop Crowd - Credit: Archant

Trendy Shoreditch venue, the Queen of Hoxton, is recreating childhood summers with a series of unique workshops and events.

The Rooftop Summer Club will take place until August, transforming the already iconic outdoor space into a verdant oasis of crafts and activities with a twist.

Saturday’s shenanigans include Fat Buddha Yoga and the Tape Measure Challenge, a concept based on pulling a tape measure as high in the air as it can go before it buckles.

The stretcher of the longest tape holds a prestige described as being akin to competing in the Olympics.

The following day features an education in the myriad uses of a playground hoola hoop. Future events include a course in drawing heads and bodies, a workshop on garnishing food appropriately and the “Jerk Off” of 2014.

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Representatives from the flurry of Caribbean restaurants which have recently opened in the capital will be coming east for the ultimate cooking competition.

Things are sure to heat up as each “jerker” brings individual marinades, herbs and spices to impress the crowds.

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Inspired by the British seaside, the events all take place in a setting wiith shady umbellas, sun lotion dispensers and swing seats harking back to idyllic rides on the carousel.

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