Loughton actress in new TV drama, Kidnap and Ransom

A “TERRIFYINGLY well researched” drama about a hostage negotiator’s efforts to free two captives continues on the small screen this week.

Created by Patrick Harbinson, who wrote the award-winning American series 24, Kidnap and Ransom moves between South Africa and England as it follows expert hostage negotiator Dominic King, played by Trevor Eve.

The three-part ITV1 series stars Natasha Little, who spent her teenage years living in High Beech Road, Loughton and studied at Loughton Country High School for Girls.

She plays Dominic’s wife Sophia King.

She said: “The script was so exciting, it was a real page-turner.

“It’s unusual to read a script where you can’t put it down.”

Natasha is a well-known face on TV, having previously appeared in This Life and Spooks.

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In Kidnap and Ransom she plays a woman on the brink of a great career in politics, who is having to deal with a daughter about to leave home as well as her husband often being away because of his job.

Despite her character living in England, Natasha was able to join the rest of the cast and crew in Cape Town, where the series was filmed over five weeks in February 2010.

The 41-year-old said: “I’ve only seen some bits, where I’ve done additional sound recording. But the way it’s shot is fantastic. It’s a very exciting drama. South Africa is the most amazing place to film.”

The mum-of-two added: “At the time of filming my youngest son was seven months.

“It’s a juggle with work and family to get the balance right.

“Fortunately last year I had a mix of jobs, which was a real blessing.

“That’s not always the case.”

Kidnap and Ransom, which also stars Helen Baxendale, is a co-production by Projector Pictures and TalkbackThames.

The first episode aired last week. The second is on Thursday at 9pm on ITV1.