Free shows to thrill audiences at Canary Wharf

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Credit: Archant

This summer Canary Wharf will host a free programme of outdoor productions for the whole family.

Throughout July, the open-air charm of Jubilee Gardens will add a fresh touch to retellings of classic children’s tales.

Shakespearian stalwarts are also scheduled to rake in post-work crowds looking for something entertaining and stimulating to do on Monday evenings.

Jessica Selous of Quantum Theatre, responsible for putting on Alice Through the Looking Glass, said that the show on July 27 would be very faithful to the book.

Staged on a gigantic chessboard-shaped stage, there will also be a strong visual element to the play.

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She said: “We have all of the characters involved and the famous Carroll poems that some people may not recognise.

“Alice is going to be very much Alice – and there are three actors who play all the other parts, the constant quick changes make for a very lively and funny show.”

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The Celebrate Shakespeare evenings will include a feel-good rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream on July 21.

Outdoor Theatre’s Elli Mackenzie said: “We always consider that we’re not so much putting on a Shakespeare performance rather than a party – it’s about having a good time. Our production is very avant-garde and very psychedelic and A Midsummer Night’s Dream is intrinsically hilarious in itself.”

She added: It is fantastic for people and groups of work colleagues. It’s gently challenging but it is not going to the pub or playing a game of football. Though you do have to focus on it, it is short, sharp, sweet and fun.”

The Children’s Theatre Festival begins on July 5 and Celebrate Shakespeare starts on July 7.

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