Running coach wants to inspire mum to join the Great Newham London Run

Nadia Shah will be taking part in the Great Newham London Run (Pic: Run Communications)

Nadia Shah will be taking part in the Great Newham London Run (Pic: Run Communications) - Credit: Archant

A Newham running coach wants to give mums a new lease of life.

Nadia Shah believes seeing the effect that running has on mothers who never dreamed of doing a 10k is the only motivation she needs to tackle the Simplyhealth Great Newham London Run.

The mum is a qualified fitness coach and wants to lead mothers on a journey from the sofa to the finishing line of the London Stadium.

“To complete a 10k does to wonders to you in your confidence and also physically,” she said.

“You’re fitter, healthier, happier and I’ve seen how much fitter and happier the women I run with are.

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“Their body shapes are changing, they’ve lost weight so doing the 10k race would bring those benefits to anyone.”

The University of East London account manager admits that convincing some women to take part was a struggle at first, but those who did never looked back.

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“I started training women to do the couch to 5k and it was time to move on to the next level with the people I’ve been running with,” she admitted.

Shah believes the key is the atmosphere at the London Stadium.

“The second time I did the run I wasn’t feeling 100 percent and one of the lecturers at UEL ran past.

“He saw me struggling and stayed with me the whole time and we managed to finish the race together inside the stadium so that was the one of the best experiences I had.”

Nadia remembers her excitement when the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park opened in 2012 and the buzz that surrounded the Olympics.

Her dream was to see a positive legacy after the Games and the 1,000 free 10k places for Newham residents secured that.

“This run carries on that same vibe, celebrating the venue and as a Newham resident I was worried we might not have access to the park so this is a great occasion.

“The women I train are who would never think of doing anything like that.

“Attending a run is a sort of alien experience for them so this is the best experience for them to get that running bug.”

The Simplyhealth Great Newham London Run is organised in partnership with Newham Council and takes place at the London Stadium on July 2. Sign up at

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