Lewis back in London for special event

Lennox Lewis has been supplied with a Range Rover Vogue by Saxton 4x4 during his time in London (pic

Lennox Lewis has been supplied with a Range Rover Vogue by Saxton 4x4 during his time in London (pic: Saxton 4x4) - Credit: Archant

Former heavyweight king to tell stories of his days as a professional boxer

Newham-born Lennox Lewis will return to London on Thursday night for a special event.

The former heavyweight king of the world is taking part in ‘Undisputed: An Evening With Lennox Lewis’ at indigo at The O2 in Greenwich.

The evening is expected to see Lewis tell stories of his days as a professional boxer, which should captivate the audience.

“The event is where people can come see me, hear about old fights that I had,” said Lewis.

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“I know there are a lot of things people didn’t know about me, as the only thing people used to see was me go into the ring and box.

“No one ever knew what took me there, what I had to go through to get there and what different politics I had to go through.

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“Now, this is a time where I can reveal never seen before footage and it is going to bring you back into the time when I was boxing, and into that moment.

“Footage is amazing in how it can do that, and I am ready to show that and speak about the times and what happened in my life.

“I’m also going to have celebrity friends here, Russell Peters, the comedian is going to be there.

“There will be loads of people, including boxers that fought me before, Vitali Klitschko will be there along with a number of boxers from Britain.”

During his stay in London, Lewis is renting a car from Saxton 4x4, who are based in Chelmsford, and the 53-year-old is delighted with the vehicle he’s got.

“I borrowed a Range Rover Vogue. It’s a car that I drive all the time, I’m basically a professional with Range Rovers!” he added.

“I love Range Rovers, they suit me, it is the only car for me really. They are practically made for me, and I enjoy driving it!”

For more information about Saxton 4x4, visit saxton4x4.co.uk.

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