Forest Gate youngsters pass boxing tests

Three children holding certificates with a man standing behind them in a park

Patrikas Viznytsya, Yunus Mangal and Anna Viznytsya with their boxing coach Oluwasegun at Magpie Park. - Credit: Olu Oyenigba

Six young children passed with flying colours after having their boxing skills put to the test in Forest Gate.

Ethan Bennett, Ala Zaarib Navas, Tyler Joseph, Patrikas Viznytsya, Yunus Mangal and Anna Viznytsya, who are learning boxing at the Forest Cubs based in Durning Hall, had their fundamental knowledge of the sport tested recently.

After several weeks of preparation, the students demonstrated their basic level of boxing skill and training with several runs for endurance, repeated groundwork and skipping drills for stamina, and repeated shadow boxing and pad work drills for skill.

Three children holding certificates with their coaching standing behind them

Ethan Bennett, Ala Zaarib Navas and Tyler Joseph with boxing coach Oluwasegun at Durning Hall in Forest Gate. - Credit: Olu Oyenigba

All of the students took their tests after school and received certificates for their efforts.

Three of them were put through their paces at Durning Hall and the others took their test in the open at Magpie Park, off Forest Lane.

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