‘Don’t waste’ your opportunities, cricket legend Michael Holding tells UEL students

West Indies cricket legend Michael Holding took part in a question and answer session with University of East London students on Wednesday.

The former fast bowler spoke about his illustrious career as a key player in the West Indies team that dominated the scene from the mid 70s to the early 90s.

He was also the lynchpin of the team’s fearsome bowling line-up, described as the ‘Four Horseman of the Apocalypse’.

Mr Holding said: “I have great memories, travelling all over the world, meeting so many different people, seeing so many different countries and cultures.

“Travelling is the greatest education you can ever have. Apart from that, the cricket was great - we won a lot which always helps.”

He also encouraged students to take advantage of the sports facilities on offer at the UEL.

“You might be sitting watching people doing something, thinking I can’t do that, but if you don’t try you’ll never know - just sitting on your backside isn’t going to get you anywhere.”