NewVIc College alumni shares her university experience

NewVIc College alumni Anastasija is currently studying a BA degree in German and Russian

NewVIc College alumni Anastasija is currently studying a BA degree in German and Russian - Credit: Archant

Meet NewVIc alumni Anastasija as she reflects on her journey from sixth form to her first year at university.

Anastasija taking part in the NewVIc debating society

Anastasija taking part in the NewVIc debating society - Credit: Archant

Anastasija completed A-levels in English language and literature, film studies and photography, before going on to study a BA degree in German and Russian at Queen Mary University. We caught up with her after she completed her first year at university to find out a little more about her journey so far.

What made you choose NewVIc?

The main reason I chose NewVIc was because of the massive range of media subjects which included photography that many other colleges and sixth forms didn't offer. It was a huge bonus that I was living locally which meant I had more time to spend at the college and get involved in so many enrichment activities.

NewVIc run an ambassador programme which Anastasija was part of

NewVIc run an ambassador programme which Anastasija was part of - Credit: Archant

During my time at NewVIc I was involved in the student council, solid harmony choir, debating society, student ambassador programme, badminton and volleyball teams. I was also a member of the 'Here Come The Girls Ambassador Programme'.

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Tell us about your first year at university?

The first year of university is definitely one to remember. As a commuter to university, my experience is very different to those who live on campus. If you commute to university you have to have real devotion and good time management skills to be able to experience it to the highest standard.

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Overall my first year was truly a journey of discoveries. From thinking that I will have so much free time that I will be able to work two part-time jobs, be part of multiple societies and only get firsts, to barely having enough time to have a breather between lessons and being part of only two societies. It definitely feels so much harder than my A-levels.

What are your tips on surviving the first year of university?

Be organised and make sure you get to lectures and seminars on time. When exams come around there is no time to catch up on an entire semester. Budget and try not to go out every day. Surround yourself with hardworking, positive people. Lastly, unless you really need to or have learning difficulties, don't bring your laptop to lectures. I learned this the hard way. Lectures are there for you to listen and make a lot of notes which will help you in exams or assessed coursework.

What is your advice for students considering NewVIc?

I would say definitely make sure you take advantage of all that NewVIc has to offer, including enrichment activities, support sessions and workshops. Not only will you develop yourself but you will also meet people from all over the world with similar interests who then become your closest friends. Studying at NewVIc opens a lot of different options for students who take their studies seriously.

So what's next?

After finishing my degree in languages I will have to complete some exams to become a certified translator. Unless I get a good job I plan to continue my studies with a masters degree.

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