Zero-pollution hydro buses are the future

THE shape of transport to come made its public bow in Stratford last week.

London Mayor Boris Johnson Mayor unveiled the first of eight

Zero-polluting hydrogen buses that emit only water vapour were unveiled providing a boost to improve the Capital’s air quality.

One will start operating on Saturday (18/12) using the latest hydrogen fuel cell technology expected to be phased into operation next year creating the UK’s first zero-emission bus route..

These state-of-the-art vehicles were specifically designed for Transport for London.

They are joining a 100-strong fleet of hybrid buses, increasing to 300 by 2012, in one of the cleanest, lowest polluting bus fleets in Europe.

The buses will run from a specially designed maintenance facility housed in First’s Lea Interchange bus depot at Temple Mills, Stratford. It will include the UK’s largest permanent hydrogen refuelling station to be maintained by Air Products.

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Mayor hailed the buses a marvel. “They will run through the most polluted part of the city, through two air pollution hotspots, helping to improve London’s air quality. This is just another way that our city is harnessing pioneering low emission public transport to improve quality of life.

There are plans to for 15 hydrogen taxis covering London.