YouTube hit uses Olympics to inspire unemployed

A jobs advisor from Upton Park is behind a YouTube video using the Olympic Games to inspire people back into work.

Chiller Scheme, real name Franklin Omeku, produced his song ‘I’m a Winner’ at home on his laptop and collaborated with a friend to storyboard and shoot the video.

With motivational lyrics such as “I’m a winner, can’t you see? I’m on my up, on my way to the top”, Franklin wrote the song when he was unemployed for a period of eight months to boost his confidence and tell people they could do the same.

Franklin, 30, said: “I saw it as a sort of therapy – I believed that if I kept telling myself I was a winner, I would be a winner and shortly afterwards, I got a job.”

Now working as an employment advisor for the Department for Work and Pensions, Franklin is passionate about his positive message and he thinks the key is to give people something to believe in using the arrival of the London 2012 Olympics Games on his doorstep as his inspiration.

The video has amassed just over 103,000 views on YouTube which Franklin modestly accredits to people searching for ‘London 2012’ footage but 1,019 people have ‘liked’ his video to only seven dislikes, meaning he has made a good impression on those who stumble across it.

A former pupil at St Bonaventure’s Roman Catholic School, Franklin said:“I wanted to get involved in the Olympics somehow, I’ve wanted to ever since I first watched it when I was about 5 years old.

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“I was quite good at sport at school, I was good at sprinting and long jump, but I was never really pushed to go further at it.

“I think kids will be encouraged by the Olympics to do more sport but only if they have someone they can look up to to give them more confidence.

“A lot of these kids act up because they don’t have any confidence and they can’t express themselves in other ways.”

Looking to the future, ‘I’m a Winner’ is available to buy now from the iTunes Store and Franklin is working on a follow up single

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