Your used stamps could help the elderly

A national charity that works for pensioners is making an urgent appeal for stamps.

The National Benevolent Fund for the Aged wants people to save their used stamps to help raise vital funds for isolated older people in the UK.

It regularly gives older people much needed breaks. All funds raised will go towards services provided to help end the cycle of isolation many older people experience.

If you can help, leave at least half a centimetre of envelope around the stamp to prevent damage. All stamps are welcome and the charity can expect to receive �4.50 per kilogram for British stamps and �12.50 for foreign ones.

All stamps can be sent to: NBFA, P.O. Box 6198, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 9XT

For more information on NBFA and the services provided, call (020) 7828 0200 or visit the website: