Win tickets to zoo

Three family tickets to be won

COLCHESTER Zoo is one of the finest zoos in Europe, and we are giving away three family tickets.

A host of new animals have arrived in the past few weeks, including three rare bird species – rhinoceros hornbills, Rufous hornbills and Victoria crowned pigeons – new primate species and a pair of sun bears.

There’s also red-backed bearded saki monkeys and a pair of pileated gibbons.

The biggest new arrivals, though, are two sun bears, Srey-Ya and Jo-Jo, which were originally confiscated by government anti-poaching patrols in Cambodia in 2007 and 2008 respectively.

They are the only sun bears in England and are now settling into a temporary enclosure while Colchester Zoo begins a fundraising campaign to build a new purpose built enclosure for them.

At 4ft high, sun – or honey bears as they are also known – are the world’s smallest species of bear and classified as vulnerable in the wild.

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The zoo also has a Worlds Apart walk-through where you can see iguanas, marmosets, tamarins or come face to face with rare tamanduas and sloths!

Don’t miss Playa Patagonia with its 24m tunnel for visitors to view sea lions swimming above their heads, or Spirit of Africa, the Elephant Kingdom and Kingdom of the Wild where you can see zebras, ostriches, rhinos, and giraffes.


The Recorder is offering all readers the chance to visit Colchester Zoo on Saturday, November 14 or Sunday, November 15 for just �5, by cutting out the voucher in this week’s paper. Get your copy, cut out the coupon and take it along with you for your �5 admission.