Why you love Newham this week

Lucy O'Boyle (Left) and Giuseppe Cifoneli (Right)

Lucy O'Boyle (Left) and Giuseppe Cifoneli (Right) - Credit: Archant

Reporter Jacob Ranson took to the streets this week to ask the community what they love about Newham. Here’s what they said...

Mohammed Rangari (Left) and Hammad Mohammad (Right)

Mohammed Rangari (Left) and Hammad Mohammad (Right) - Credit: Archant

Lucy O’Boyle, 70, Carpenters Estate, Stratford: “The transport here is second to none as you can get about so easy. I do think that our lives have not really improved since the Olympics but that is probably an age thing but it has brought us quite a lot more to look at.”

Giuseppe Cifoneli, 80, High Street, Stratford: “I have lived here for 59 years now and the transport is good in the area. Also, there is now a lot more people than there used to be here, but there is a good mixture of people and they are always friendly. I just like working in this area as well.”

Sandra Joseph (Left) and Viscant Iggy (Right)

Sandra Joseph (Left) and Viscant Iggy (Right) - Credit: Archant

Mohammed Rangari, 47, Works as a Bus driver in Stratford: “My wife likes to use Queens Market and we also like going to Green Street as they have some really good shops. Can’t forget Westfield either has lots to do in there. Also, working for transport you realise how easy it is to get anywhere need to go.”

Hammad Mohammad, 18, Church Road, Manor Park: “I like that there is no trouble around and that we have good facilities here in Newham. We have great transport for getting about, we have also got Westfield that has a good mixture of food, which is my favourite part about it and the reason I go there.”

Sandra Joseph, 40, Upton Lane, Forest Gate: “I do like Westfield but do not go for the clothes and the shopping, I go for all the different choices of food they have on offer, plus the Olympic Park seeing as I was part of the para-olympics opening ceremony.”

Viscant Iggy, 21, Prince Regents Lane, Canning Town: “I like the transport connections, as they are really good through how easy and accessible they are, for instance there are so many trains that go into the city for work. I love just how easy it is for me to get into Central London and to Canary Wharf.”

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