Why you love Newham this week

Teja Jandoo (Left) and Rukiyah Khatun (Right) I Love Newham

Teja Jandoo (Left) and Rukiyah Khatun (Right) I Love Newham - Credit: Archant

Reporter Jacob Ranson took to the streets this week to ask the community what they love about Newham. Here’s what they said...

Jason Barr (Left) and Amadou Kuyateh (Right) I Love Newham

Jason Barr (Left) and Amadou Kuyateh (Right) I Love Newham - Credit: Archant

Teja Jandoo, 63, Altmore Avenue, East Ham: “I like everything in Newham other than the crime but everything else is great. I like how the buses go in every direction you could ever need, plus there is just so many places to go for something to eat or to shop, my favourite is a restaurant called the Taste of India.”

Rukiyah Khatun, 27, Everley Road, East Ham: “I like when the Greenways are open as it means you can cycle all the way through. I also like the noise when the football is on, as it creates a good atmosphere in the area, but my favourite thing has to be sitting in the Docks watching the planes land.”

Mark Palmer (Left) and Alwyn December (Right) I Love Newham

Mark Palmer (Left) and Alwyn December (Right) I Love Newham - Credit: Archant

Jason Barr, 34, Little Ilford Lane, Manor Park: “I like going to the leisure centre here in East Ham, as I really like the activities they have, as they really offer so much for you to take part in. I also really like the parks, there is a few really nice one round here, that are really well kept.”

Amadou Kuyateh, 39, Vansittart Road, Forest Gate: “I really like the multi-culture in the area, but I think it helps that I have lived in the area for around six years now, as mean I am used t it and know everything that is going on. There is also loads of activities to do and shops to go too.”

Mark Palmer, 52, Manor Road, West Ham: “I like that there is a variety of different people in the area and the travelling is excellent. Also you can get any choice of food you want right on your door step. I just think the area has developed so much since the Olympics and has brought us some really nice parks.”

Alwyn December, 67, Rosedale Road, Forest Gate: “I find the area really quiet and cosmopolitan. It provides cheap accommodation as well as necessities, so it’s a really good area to live for people who earn less than a reasonable income. There is a real variety of eating houses to go to, also a couple of really nice leisure centres, which give everyone a good opportunity to get fit.”

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