Why you love Newham this week

Sharon Kyomugisha (Left) and Shaun Mattis (Right)

Sharon Kyomugisha (Left) and Shaun Mattis (Right) - Credit: Archant

Reporter Jacob Ranson took to the streets this week to ask the community what they love about Newham. Here’s what they said...

John Dexter (Left) and Yinka Odubiyi (Right)

John Dexter (Left) and Yinka Odubiyi (Right) - Credit: Archant

Sharon Kyomugisha, 36, High Street South, East Ham: “I love the transport and the facilities here from how good they are. We also have lots of different cultures here as well. The best thing is the good job opportunities here from the schools and colleges here.”

Shaun Mattis, 27, Mitcham Road, East Ham: “I really like the local park we have here and the easy access to get to the stations and just generally about. We have really good local events that happen at the Park like circus and different fun fairs that always come to town.”

Ahmed Yasin (Left) and Piotr Zarebski (Right)

Ahmed Yasin (Left) and Piotr Zarebski (Right) - Credit: Archant

John Dexter, 85, Lonsdale Avenue, East Ham: “Well I was born on the north side of Central Park, but moved away to Epping Forest until I retired from where I was working 21 years ago and decided to move back here, as really enjoy living near Greenway and here in general.”

Yinka Odubiyi, 45, Mitcham Road, East Ham: “The streets here are so lovely and the shops are really great, as we do not have to go far, but can still buy anything we need too. The transport here is great also, as there is just so many buses to get about, like for instance few different can get you to the same place.”

Piotr Zarebski, 31, High Street South, East Ham: “There is a great mixture of cultures, which is really good for me being Polish, as I have met so many English people, French people, just all kinds of people living here. I like the park here, its a really nice place to go, plus the transport is really good to get into Central London.”

Ahmed Yasin, 32, Tollgate Road, Beckton: “The parks are really nice and I also love the refurbishments that have been done on the libraries to improve them. I like going to the leisure centre, since I recently enrolled and started going, it’s great as they have such good facilities. Plus I like the way Green Street has really improved recently.”

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