Why you love Newham this week

Greg Caballero (Left) and Tchavdar Dimitrov (Right)

Greg Caballero (Left) and Tchavdar Dimitrov (Right) - Credit: Archant

Reporter Jacob Ranson took to the streets this week to ask the community what they love about Newham. Here’s what they said...

Daniel Ward (Left) and Sean Reilly (Right)

Daniel Ward (Left) and Sean Reilly (Right) - Credit: Archant

Greg Caballero, 68, Beaumont Road, Plaistow: “The people round here are really nice but also a great mix of cultures. We have really good transport systems and we have had a brilliant regeneration in Canning Town. Also, there is plenty of place to go and things to do in Newham.”

Tchavdar Dimitrov, 46, Selwyn Road, Plaistow: “It is great, how dramatically the transport has changed over the years and the diversity is great in this area, as people mix very well. I think that Selwyn school that my children went too is great, as it has led them on to good thing, like a private school scholarship for my daughter.”

Habib Rahman (Left) and Izhar Sadiqi (Right)

Habib Rahman (Left) and Izhar Sadiqi (Right) - Credit: Archant

Daniel Ward, 50, Biggerstaff Road, Stratford: “I like the fact that it is a quiet area that is friendly with good job opportunities. We also have great diversity, as their is a real mixture of people here, plus we have nice parks and shops to go too.”

Sean Reilly, 70, Grange Road, Plaistow: “The new park at the Olympic site is pretty good and been nicely done. The Greenway is a great place that I like to go for a walk to get outside. I do like the pubs we have here as well, mainly the Abbey Arms pub that is here in Plaistow, I go there often for a drink.”

Habib Rahman, 35, Alderton Grove, Upton Park: “The shops we have here are really good, but the place I like going best is West Ham Park, as it really well kept and a great place to go. The transport we have is brilliant and you can get absolutely anywhere on it from this area.”

Izhar Sadiqi, 22, Works at Cost Cutter in Plaistow: “It is a very busy area, with loads of different shops where you can find anything you need, plus a train station on this road. The trains and buses are brilliant, as there is lots of them , which makes it a really good service. It is also very easy to get to work.”

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