Why you love Newham this week

(Left) Saad Yusus and (Right) Chiagozie Uwaeqbu

(Left) Saad Yusus and (Right) Chiagozie Uwaeqbu - Credit: Archant

Reporter Jacob Ranson took to the streets this week to ask the community what they love about Newham. Here’s what they said...

(Left) Michael Brangaman and (Right) Endurance McWillz

(Left) Michael Brangaman and (Right) Endurance McWillz - Credit: Archant

Saad Yusus, 35, Jensen Road, Stratford: “ It is a nice and clean area and It is one that is only going to keep developing. My favourite places are Westfield it is great for shopping. Also Drapers field park and the Olympic Park as it is nice to take the family there and great for the kids.”

Chiagozie Uwaeqbu, 20, Stratford: “ It is a busy area and a nice place to spend time, plus the shopping in Westfield, but Stratford has more than just that one place to go shopping. The main things I like are that there is loads of places to go and express your talent. Also, great places to just chill out.”

(Left) Tracey Butler and (Right) Kin Patel

(Left) Tracey Butler and (Right) Kin Patel - Credit: Archant

Michael Brangaman, 28, Studying at UEL: “I like how there is so much multi-culture, the shopping is great as well, plus you can get everywhere on public transport. One think I do wish there was more big events like carnivals to bring more people together. I like the nature as it brings you away from the city.”

Endurance McWillz, 35, Manbey Road, Maryland: “I like the fact that it is a very vibrant and fashionable. I love going to visit Westfield, as it is great for shopping and the food there is a very tasty kind of jambalaya with a multicultural twist to it, as there is food from all over the world in Westfield.”

Tracey Butler, 50, Works in Stratford: “ Newham is a very up and coming place, as there is loads of tall buildings just gone up or going up, I mean they have got a University going up which is good for all the young people and hopefully local people get the chance to take advantage of that.”

Kin Patel, 35, Works at Market Village in Stratford: “I like Westfield and the Stratford Centre which is a very diverse place to go shopping. The Olympic Park is the greatest place for London and for Newham. My favourite place to go eat is the Westfield food court, as it is the best place to eat different nationally foods.”

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