Why you love Newham this week

Eric Dauptain (Left) and Henry White (Right)

Eric Dauptain (Left) and Henry White (Right) - Credit: Archant

Reporter Jacob Ranson took to the streets this week to ask the community what they love about Newham. Here’s what they said...

Marianne Nkusu (Left) and Terry Gibbs (Right)

Marianne Nkusu (Left) and Terry Gibbs (Right) - Credit: Archant

Eric Dauptain, 51, Clegg Street, Plaistow: “I moved here in 1989, so I now know all the local people and most of them are friendly, stopping me in the street to say hello. Also we have great transport here as I work in the city and it only take me 25 mins to get there.”

Henry White, 32, Clegg Street, Plaistow: “ It is quiet nice as the population is mixed and I have got a lot of friends round here now, so people are always stopping to talk or beeping at me. Beckton shopping centre is really close which helps and I think it is great that they constantly developing the area.”

Alan Loutimpu (Left) and John Edwards (Right)

Alan Loutimpu (Left) and John Edwards (Right) - Credit: Archant

Marianne Nkusu, 37, Custom House, Canning Town: “I love that it is such a peaceful area, where the transport is good and allows you to get anywhere you need to go, as for me I can get the DLR from the Excel which is right near my house. The shops do not have loads but everything you need.”

Terry Gibbs, 51, Head of Commercial Development for Fit Pro, Plaistow: “I like the diversity of people that live in one area. Quiet like the location of the station as well, as from here it is easy for me to travel home and it also makes for easy access to the Blackwall tunnel which is a great location.”

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Alan Loutimpu, 45, Romford Road, Manor Park: “ I like the diversity and the way there is always different things going on in the whole borough. For people that first move to the area it must be hard adjusting but does not take long until you enjoy all the different foods, shops near by. My favourite is the African and Indian restaurants.”

John Edwards, 66, working on the PFI Fire Station, Plaistow: “ I like the vibrancy up of the population as it is a real interesting mix of people. There is so many cool little shops from the mixture of people running them a long the main road. Another great asset is how easy it is to get around by public transport.”

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