Why you love Newham this week

Karen Ring, George Poppe and James Opanku

Karen Ring, George Poppe and James Opanku - Credit: Archant

Reporter Jacob Ranson took to the streets this week to ask the community what they love about Newham. Here’s what they said...

James Opanku and Muse Ismaciil

James Opanku and Muse Ismaciil - Credit: Archant

Karen Ring, 52, Mitcham Road, East Ham: “I’ve lived here for more than twenty years and I like where I am living as I know all the locals, so when I go out everyone knows me and always says hi. I like the lovely park we have here as they always have good events and things going on that I really enjoy.”

George Poppe, 85, Hockley Avenue, East Ham: “I’ve been here since 1929, so all my life. I played football here growing up in Central Park. I’ve been through the war here and everything here as I stayed through it, instead of being evacuated. I mean when I went to school in this area we only had two schools to go too.”

Nawzad Salih and Teresa Martin

Nawzad Salih and Teresa Martin - Credit: Archant

James Opanku,51, Mordin road, East Ham: “I’m very new to the area but I love what I’m seeing. Still investigating and looking at new things all the time, but I do like the exercise they offer, also like running around here, to keep myself fit. The transport is really good.”

Muse Ismaciil, 37, Glanovan Road, Stratford: “I’ve lived here for twenty years now and I like that everyone is here, I mean it has a great mixture with no problems either. I also like to get fresh air in the big Central Park, as it’s a nice place to go.”

Nawzad Salih, 43, High Street South, East Ham: “I like that the buses are good, quite frequent which helps. Central Park is also nice but needs abit of extra care with more sports. But I like that it’s a very big park.”

Teresa Martin, 65, Mitcham Road, East Ham: “I’ve live here since I was two weeks old, really like my neighbours. It’s also very good from here for transport into Central London. I also like all the local parks and I guess I’m familiar with everything which I like.”