Why black cats are unlucky in Newham!

RSPCA’s bid to rehome desperate felines dumped in East End

Black cats are tradtionally supposed to bring good luck.

But the RSPCA revealed this week that the cats are not having much luck themselves in Newham.

As the summer comes to a close the RSPCA is left with hundreds of cats and kittens to re home.

Lorna Gowers of the East London RSPCA said: “We have a problem with people abandoning black kittens. It’s very sad and heartless what these people do. We have a number of black kittens looking for homes and especially Midnight who was found in Manor Park

“Unfortunately for black cats they are the ones that are often abandoned or overlooked. You may remember the case of Dot publicised in the Newham Recorder on Wednesday in 2006.

“Many people saw how cute she was and we were inundated with calls from people who wanted to adopt her. This tiny kitten was left out in a sealed box by a wheelie bin and she was only saved because a Good Samaritan heard her cries” said Lorna.

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“The story of black cats’ plight didn’t end there, ever since then there have been many, many more abandoned black kittens and the London East RSPCA is currently looking for homes for more black cats and kittens. Mostly complete litters of mixed colours and their mothers are abandoned but in the case of black cats some people will single out the black kitten and throw it out because they believe a black cat will bring bad luck or that it is somehow evil.”

She said this superstition can be cultural and not based on fact. In other cultures black cats are seen as lucky. In the UK brides were often given a lucky black cat keepsake. Seeing a black cat cross your path id lucky too. Black is a very fashionable colour and women often choose to wear black as it is very flattering.

Said Lorna: “If you adopt a black cat you will find they are very affectionate. They are good with children because they have more serotonin which generally makes them calmer.

Midnight was found in Manor Park, she was very thin, starving, lonely and desperate for affection. A kind man saw how desperate she was and called the RSPCA for help.

“ He agreed to foster her while we look for a home. Midnight is an adorable kitten. She has now been neutered; you can see some fur missing on her leg where she was given an anaesthetic).

“I have a cat called Amber, she is totally black and she definitely hasn’t brought me bad luck. She loves to sit beside me on the arm of my chair when I get home. She was thrown out by her owner in Forest Gate when she was a kitten. I fostered her and couldn’t bring myself to let her go to another home. She is now fifteen years old and definitely staying with me.”

If you would like to adopt Midnight or another cat or kitten please call 07958 578151 after 7pm. y