Westfield Stratford offers shoppers mouth watering delights

Shoppers at Westfield Stratford City will be enjoying the delights of unusual and unique foods as the centre launches months of exploratory eating experiences.

The series of discovery food markets was launched on Friday with the theme of fire and ferment at the Great Eastern Market. It s in partnership with QED London (Quality Eating and Drinking) and will run from May to November 2012 to explore the unusual and the unique in the world of fresh food.

The discovery food markets will take place every month with an evolving food theme and will be based on Westfield Stratford City’s International Square which is located next to The Great Eastern Market .

The market is a collection of delicatessens, bakeries and chocolatiers based in a precinct inside the centre that pays homage to the original Great Eastern Market that operated in the area more than 100 years ago.

The first in the series of discovery food markets was on the theme of Fire and Ferment and demonstrated how flames and fermentation can transform raw produce into extraordinary feasts. A handful of specialist food producers offered eat-on-the-spot tastings.

From June 8-10 there will be a theme of Totally Baked All featuring all manner of baked goods: sweet and savoury; dough based or pastry.

From September 21-23 the focus will be Veggie Might, a harvest festival, but also representation of all things

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vegetarian and vegan.

October 19-21 will be Charcuterie & Co (II) A carnival for carnivores, incorporating a celebration of the

inaugural QED British Charcuterie Awards while November 16-18 will focus on Hooked on Fish Everything from fish soups, fish p�t�s & smoked fish, to fresh fish stalls.