Jackie Ferdinand: Equality award for West Ham United is an 'honour'

West Ham fans in the stands during the Premier League match at the London Stadium, London. PRESS ASS

West Ham fans in the stands during a Premier League match at the London Stadium before lockdown - Credit: PA Images

The Club has recently been awarded the Premier League’s Equality Standard Advanced Level, which recognises our ongoing dedication and commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

We have been working extremely hard over the past few years to advance these areas in the club and so we feel honoured to get this recognition.

In awarding us, the Premier League concluded that the club has made significant progress since earning the Intermediate Level of the award back in 2018.

Jackie Ferdinand , director of Safeguarding & Inclusion, West Ham United Football Club

Jackie Ferdinand says that winning the Premier League’s Equality Standard Advanced level is an extremely proud and important moment in West Ham United’s history - Credit: Griffiths Photographers

The award looks into the culture, policies, leadership and people at the club, along with the work done to serve our core-based fans and encourage people across different groups and communities to participate in club activities, so it means a great deal and we are delighted with the news.

This is an extremely proud and important moment in West Ham United’s history, especially during such a tough year.

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The staff and everyone at the club have made equality, diversity and inclusion something that is at our very core, and it is such a wonderful feeling to know that our hard work has paid off.

The scale of our work is something that we are looking to continue to build on as we look towards the future.

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In holding the Advanced Level, there is now even more emphasis on our responsibility as a club to act as trailblazers and equity leaders. A role that we will grab onto with both hands to try ensure that all feel welcomed, included and valued. 

Knowing we can’t do it alone, we will now look to continue this positive progress by listening to the views not only of the staff here at the club, but also the industry and of course, our loyal fans.

  • Jackie Ferdinand is the director of safeguarding and inclusion at West Ham United Football Club.

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