West Ham trust trial Olympic sports on Newham teenagers

West Ham Community Sports Trust brought Olympic sports to Newham youngsters to use the last days of the Games to encourage future athletes.

Around 60 young people took part taking part in various sports they may not have considered before the Games at the Trust’s centre in Albatross Close, Beckton.

Competing in a number of disciplines from boxing, to javelin, volleyball, to tennis and handball, the club’s coaches held sessions to inspire the next generation to get active in new ways before the end of the Olympics.

Rachel Porsz, community tennis project Manager for the Lawn Tennis Association and one of the coaches on the day who introduced the sport to a mixed group aged between 10 and 16, said: “At the start of the day, I asked them to put up their hands if they liked tennis and only one boy did.

”But once they got playing, their minds completely changed straight away and I couldn’t get them off the court.

“I just don’t think they’re given the opportunity to get onto a court and the day definitely changed their perception of tennis.”