West Ham Park bins reveal unhealthy habits

Volunteers and staff check the bins at West Ham Park

Volunteers and staff check the bins at West Ham Park - Credit: Archant

A spot check of dustbins at West Ham Park revealed the unhealthy habits of its many visitors.

The checks, by staff and friends of the park in Upton Lane, Plaistow, took place on the weekend as they gathered to spruce up area as part of the Clean for the Queen campaign.

Their investigations revealed that 60% of waste in the park’s bins is made up of sweets, crisps and sugary drinks.

Park manager, Lucy Murphy, said the park offers a range of events for people to get fit and healthy, including a weekly Walk for Health sessions on Wednesday mornings at 11am, a community vegetable garden and coaching on the refurbished tennis courts.

She said: “We would love to see more people coming along to these events and maybe next year we will be collecting mainly apple cores, water bottles and salad wrappers.”

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