West Ham mum-of-five’s skydive for GOSH

Chenny Nkemaka is doing a skydive for Great Ormond Street Hospital with two friends on March 5 in Re

Chenny Nkemaka is doing a skydive for Great Ormond Street Hospital with two friends on March 5 in Reading - Credit: Archant

A mum-of-five will be jumping out of an aeroplane at 12,000ft for a hospital that saved her son’s life.

Zikora Wright, now four, made a miraculous recovery at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) after suffering multiple cardiac arrests and organ failures – all before his second birthday.

The youngster, who lives with mum Chenny Chinenye Nkemaka and siblings in Gladstone Avenue, West Ham, is affected by a condition called myocarditis – an inflammation of the heart muscle which can be fatal.

After months at GOSH in 2013, Zikora’s heart appeared to have recovered enough to survive without the artificial heart he’d been using.

The Recorder interviewed Chenny in September of that year, when Zikora’s health seemed to be back on track. But there were further complications to come.

“He went on to have a stroke two months later – it took everyone unawares,” said Chenny, who with two friends will carry out her first skydive on March 5, in Reading.

The stroke affected the right hand side of Zikora’s brain and left him with facial asymmetry and unable to stand properly.

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But after extensive care at the hands of GOSH, he is reaching milestones normal for his age and is set to make a full recovery.

The 40-year-old had wanted to bungee jump in 2013 but discovered she was pregnant with twins. One of her two-year-old twin daughters, Lotachi, was born with congenital hypthroidism, a rare thyroid condition and so is also a patient at the hospital.

Chenny, a carer and make-up artists, said: “I used to see that hospital on TV, but I didn’t think anything would take me there.

“They saved my children, they saved my family.

“All I want to do is give back to them and say thank you.”

She is determined to hit her £10,000 target.

“This is the perfect opportunity to do something totally different from what I’ve ever done in my life.”

Visit justgiving.com/Chenny-Chinenye-Nkemaka1 to donate and find out more.

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