West Ham Labour MP Lyn Brown on what the Queen’s Speech was missing


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Nothing demonstrated this better than the Queen’s Speech. What a staggering disappointment it was, bloated with empty words and vacuous promises.

There was nothing to tackle the crisis in youth unemployment, to back small businesses struggling to get credit, nothing to improve living standards, nothing on housing and nothing on growing the economy and, sadly, nothing I wouldn’t expect from this failing, out-of-touch Government.

I needn’t remind anyone in the real world, especially those struggling to make ends meet, that Britain’s economy has flatlined. Our recovery is slower than 23 out of 33 advanced economies.

The number out of work for two years is half a million – the highest since the last Tory Government in May, 1997.

The Government’s schemes aimed at helping businesses have all failed. Lending to businesses is falling month-on-month.

Wages are down £1,700 per year. Energy companies enjoy huge profits, whilst yearly average energy bills are £300 higher.

Any Government worth the name would be urgently addressing, debating or even rectifying those ills.

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Over the six-day debate, on each day Labour MPs outnumbered the Tories. When Government MPs did bother to attend, it was often just to bang on about Europe.

In contrast, Labour’s MPs spoke of an alternative Queen’s Speech, designed to address the ills that beset the country. It shows how we would kick-start our economy, create a British Investment Bank and make work pay with a 10p tax rate.

Long-term unemployed adults will benefit from Jobs Guarantees. We would protect consumers and tackle rip-off energy bills and train fares. A national register of landlords will root out rogue landlords.

We still have two more years of this truly dreadful Government to go. Arrogant, posh-boy Cameron neglects the problems of the country, preferring instead to keep his party together and himself in the top job.

Britain deserves better.