Wearing it pink for awarness campaign...

PINK was the new black at NHS Newham last week as NHS Newham staff took up the challenge to wear it pink and raise both awareness and money for breast cancer charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

By the end of the day’s events – which included a pink morning tea, guest speakers, manicures and competitions, a total of �355 had been raised.

NHS Newham’s public health team sent a party pack including information about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, posters and balloons to local pharmacies, dentists, GP surgeries and community groups so they could raise money and awareness too.

Staff had the opportunity to talk to colleagues and volunteers who are breast aware. Michelle Stanton, NHS Newham’s breast and cervical screening nurse, gave a talk about how to examine your breasts and what to look for.

Michelle said: “You should examine your own breasts regularly to understand what’s normal for you. Look out for any change in the shape of one or both of your breasts. These changes are more easily seen when you move your arms straight up or place them on your hips. Feeling the breast, including the armpit area, is another way to check for changes. Most lumps are harmless (like a cyst) but it’s better to know for certain by talking to your GP.

“You should also look for puckering or dimpling of the skin around your breasts. If you have constant discomfort or pain in one breast this may also be a sign.

“Your nipples may also show signs, for example, if you are experiencing nipple discharge that is new and not milky, if your breast is bleeding or there are moist reddish areas which don’t heal easily or rashes. Any change in the position of your nipples, could also be a sign. If you notice any of these signs, please talk to your GP immediately.”

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Also raising money and talking about breast cancer awareness and giving pink manicures for a donation was the charity Cancer You Are Not Alone (CYANA). CYANA supports local people who are affected by any cancer offering them one to one counselling, support groups and a range of other services. CYANA raised �60 for charity from their manicures.