Water and well-being come under focus in new exhibition

Still from Vichy Shower

Still from Vichy Shower - Credit: Archant

Artist Adham Faramawy has brought his latest exhibition to the Cell Space Projects in Bethnal Green. Exploring the themes of media consumption and the influence of advertising, the exhibition features a variety of works around the notion of “well being”.

In an age where the body is constantly in media scrutiny these questions surrounding health are widely relevant. Faramaway says his exhibition is formed of “multi-disciplinary works, instigated by an ongoing investigation into commercial and art-historical image-making.”

With it he aims to “decode advertising image strategies.”

An immersive exhibition, viewers will experience stepping into a space filled with high-definition flat screens and sculptures both along the walls and floors.

Faramawy shoots live performers, often using a smart phone to highlight the instant and immediate nature of contemporary culture.

Seemingly unremarkable workout routines are portrayed in a new light as well as images of skin treatments and the idea of hydration at the crux of the exhibition.

Gallery co-founder Milika Muritu said: “The water aspect is very important as there is a political connotation.

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“It is a scarce element used as a commodity, especially in Dubai where Adham is originally from. Here is has juxtaposed water almost as a luxury with the spa-like images.”

This is clear in the body of work where figures are seen hydrated, drowning in unquenchable thirst, and seemingly endless water fountains dominate the landscape.

Adham Faramawy is a recent MA graduate from The Royal Academy Schools and was selected for this year’s ‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries’. HYDRA is running until the 23 February at the Cell Space Projects in Cambridge Heath Road. Call 0207 241 3600 for more information.

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