Visitors enjoy EDF Energy pavilion at Olympic Park

More than 10,000 people visited an ‘interactive’ pavilion staged by Olympic power supplier EDF Energy during the Games.

The firm looked to build on its status as a London 2012 partner by occupying a plum slot next to the stadium.

There, youngsters were able to use hand pedals and their dance moves to power up a LED light tower, while assistants used iPads to give in depth insights into how they powered the 500-acre park using low carbon electricity.

Hubert Blanquefort, director of the pavilion project, said: “The EDF pavilion was intended to be a real visitor attraction that will entertain, inform and inspire people.

“We designed the building to be modern and sustainable and throughout the experience we have tried to make the best use of up to date, energy efficient technology.”

Before the Olympics, more than 100 young people from nine colleges were invited to take part in EDFs Legacy Champions programme.