Visitor parking costs in Newham to double before Christmas

Visitor parking permits in Newham are set to double in price just before the Christmas holidays.

A proposal to increase the cost of six-hour visitor parking packs from �5 to �10 will appear in Newham Council’s forward plan this month and a decision is expected in December.

Brian Rule, who regularly visits his elderly mother in Glen Road, Plaistow, said: “I think that is a crazy amount to expect people to pay.

“I have a 69-year-old mother who has regular visits from family and friends, how can the council expect local residents to pay this over-inflated hike whilst juggling their own budgets?

“Things I understand go up, it’s natural, but doubling the cost like that is not right.

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“Labour go on about people’s budgets are over-stretched yet they do this.”

The decision has also been delegated to council officers under a delegation scheme.

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Despite the price hike, Newham Council still insist they cut residents a fair deal with each household receiving its first parking permit free and households without a car receive 30 free visitor permits.

A council spokesperson said: “The council continues to work hard to keep parking affordable for those who live, visit, and work in Newham.

“The last increase in permit changes was two years ago and before that five years ago.

“The proposed increase from �5 to �10 would mean the charge for a six-hour visitor permit is still only 16p per hour whereas pay and display is �2 per hour.

“This represents a significant discount for residents and great value for money.”

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