VIDEO: Traffic warden caught driving wrong way down one-way street in Manor Park

It’s often said there’s one law for motorists and another for traffic wardens — but here’s the proof.

An on-duty traffic warden was caught on camera driving the wrong way down a one-way street before pouncing on unsuspecting motorists.

The Newham Council civil enforcement officer tore up the Highway Code in Fourth Avenue, Manor Park, on April 20.

But unfortunately for him, he chose to flout the rules outside a shop specialising in CCTV equipment.

Footage from the cameras outside AD Electrical Services shows him travelling into oncoming traffic on his motorbike after apparently spotting illegally parked cars as he drove along Romford Road.

After ticketing the vehicles, which were on a single yellow line, the video shows him speeding off — this time in the right direction — narrowly missing a moving car.

He then takes one hand off the handlebars to gesture to angry bystanders who had earlier confronted him.

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Parking chiefs say they do not condone the warden’s actions and have launched an investigation.

But shopowner David Streadwick, 49, who witnessed the scene, said he had been shocked by what he saw.

“There was one point when I genuinely thought a car was going to hit him,” he said.

“The way he came down the road made me think this wasn’t about road safety, it was just about raising revenue.

“This is making a mockery out of the system and victimising motorists.

“I think an example needs to be made.

“If someone is employed to enforce the law then they need to abide by it.”

A Newham Council spokesman said: “We take such allegations seriously and an investigation is already underway.

“We do not condone behaviour of this type from our staff or from contractors acting on our behalf.

“It does not reflect the work of the majority of parking attendants who keep traffic in Newham moving.”