Upton Park pupils ‘secret agents’ behind author Dan Freedman’s football novels

Pupils in Upton Park have been revealed as the ‘secret agents’ behind a children’s author’s success.

Dan Freedman, author of the successful ‘Jamie Johnson’ series, says he enjoys a good working relationship with the pupils at St Edward’s Primary School on Green Street who give him feedback on his books.

A former Football Association employee, Dan turned his passion for football into a series of books for similarly footie mad children and he chose pupils next West Ham United’s Bolyen ground to help him.

He said: “I have been working with St Edward’s School for the past three or four books, they are my editors and supporters.

“The boys and girls in Year Six read my books before they get published.

“They say what they like, don’t like and I get in depth feedback from teachers about the language, the plot and characters and if the story rings true from an 11-year-old’s perspective. I call them my secret agents.”

Dan returned to the school on July 11 to read passages from the sixth and final novel of his series, ‘Final Whistle’, in a special assembly for the whole of Key Stage Two.

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He added: “St Edward’s have given me and the Jamie Johnson series such tremendous support over the last few years. “Almost every pupil seems the know the books backwards and they always ask such intelligent and perceptive questions.

“The pupils are so happy and they are learning so much that every visit there is a pleasure.

“It was extra special to read an excerpt of ‘Final Whistle’ to the children at St Edward’s as some of them have helped me greatly with the writing of the book itself.

“They read the manuscript in its early stages and gave me there considered and considerable feedback. As an author, to get an insight into the mindset or your readers is a uniquely valuable asset.”

Dan Freedman’s new book, ‘Final Whistle’, is out now in bookshops and online.