Upton Park filmmaker’s campaign for YouTube comedy series

Videographer shez Hussain, age33 from Upton Park has started a kickstarter campaign for a comedy yo

Videographer shez Hussain, age33 from Upton Park has started a kickstarter campaign for a comedy youtube channel which has had almost 10,000 views. - Credit: Archant

A filmmaker has launched a campaign to raise funds for a comedy web series that has already reached thousands of viewers.

Shez Hussain, 33, of Upton Park, created a teaser of his planned project, called the Asian Dumb Foundation, last month.

The one minute, 42 seconds clip has already gathered 9,689 views on YouTube since being published on March 31.

Shez said: “The whole idea was to create a sitcom series.

“At the moment, I freelance but this is what I want to do in the longterm. There is quite a big gap in the market , especially in the Asian comedy field.

“There isn’t much out there and nothing like Goodness Gracious Me, so the idea in the long-term is to create a series that could appeal in the same way.”

Shez has got three established actors on board and they feature in the teaser clip.

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Farshid Rokey, who appeared in Holby City, Amer Patel, and Alex Nair will feature in the entire series as three friends hoping to kickstart a music career.

Shez said: “The teaser is just a small percentage of what we can do. It is just to give the audience a taster of the style of show and the characters we plan to display.

“The whole thing was filmed in only two hours and what we want to achieve is on a much bigger scale.”

Shez has launched a kickstarter and indigogo campaign in a bid to raise £1,500.

He said: “The funds will allow us to develop the series in the way we want to. It will help with location permits, transport, cast and insurance.”

Shez said: “We’ll be using instagram and other media outlets to interact with the audience.”

To find out more about Asian Dumb Foundation or to donate to the campaign visit igg.me/at/hjpkIDEPWJ0/x/10538789 or kck.st/19M4ClX

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