Support for abused is key to getting women to come forward

PICTURE POSED BY MODEL. Mary Honeyball says women's equality has suffered due to measures implemente

The government has put forward the Domestic Abuse Bill - Credit: PA Archive

Domestic abuse is a scourge on our society, and I am pleased that the government has finally recognised misogyny as a hate crime – something I have been working on with parliamentary colleagues.

The government, however, sadly failed to agree to create a domestic abusers’ register, which I have also supported, so the fight continues!

Support for those who have been abused is key in getting women to come forward, so I was pleased to visit the Superdrug store in Green Street recently, where anyone suffering can report their abuse in a discreet and caring setting.

There are many reasons why women don’t report abuse but I hope services like this will help.

We also have to do more to offer other forms of support, such as helping women find employment and housing, since repeat offending occurs when victims return to an abusive home through a lack of other choices. We also have to improve the appallingly low rate of prosecution and convictions.

Unmesh Desa will be monitoring the implementation of the new Policing Action Plan.

Unmesh Desai says reports show east London will suffer the worst employment rate in London by the end of the year - Credit: City Hall

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But more than anything, we have to recognise that we need to change how society views women and girls. We need to start teaching boys at school age to treat women differently.

On a different note, as a football supporter, I was both angry at and devastated by the attempt by the big six of English football to form a breakaway European Super League.

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The outrage across the political spectrum from communities, players and most importantly fans has forced the idea to be shelved. Football must belong to the fans.

This saga has exposed the clubs’ greed and the rampant commercialisation which is characteristic of too many aspects of our society.

It has unwittingly caused a debate about the mutualisation of football clubs, where fans would be actively involved in the running of their club.

But small clubs like our own Forest Gate-based Clapton Community Football Club already has genuine fan involvement and needs our support now more than ever.

The so-called big clubs could do worse than learn from clubs like Clapton.

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