View from City Hall: 'Optimistic about the future of this next generation of talented Londoners'

Star student Cherome Nathaniel celebrates with Education Links staff member Lisa Stone.

Student Cherome Nathaniel celebrates with Education Links staff member Lisa Stone - Credit: Education Links

My congratulations to all Newham pupils who received their GCSE and A Level results. In staying resilient and working under very stressful circumstances, you have done us all proud.

I am optimistic about the future of this next generation of talented Londoners, but it is vital that we create high quality and future-proof jobs for them to go into.

It is encouraging that this is one of Mayor Sadiq Khan’s long-term priorities and something he wants to tie into a Green New Deal for London.

However, I am also concerned about the growing attainment gap between private and state school pupils. I believe the government has not done enough to address this.

Unmesh Desa will be monitoring the implementation of the new Policing Action Plan.

Unmesh Desai says it is vital high quality and future-proof jobs are created for the young to go into - Credit: City Hall

It is also unacceptable that the majority of our dedicated teachers have been handed another pay freeze for this year.

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I think that ministers are completely out of touch with how our society values public sector workers who have given so much during the pandemic.

As things stand, less than half of all Newham adults have had a second dose of the vaccine.

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 Following the incredible and inspiring efforts of local NHS teams, volunteers and pharmacists to drive it forward, we must not let Newham and other east London boroughs get left behind.

This is why I am urging the government to give the programme another targeted push in London as we go into the winter months, and fund councils, like Newham, to back this.

Back in February, it was positive to see a consortium of Newham youth projects receive funding from the mayor’s Violence Reduction Unit as part of City Hall’s public health approach to tackling violent crime.

In July, a further £5 million was invested to boost early intervention and youth services across the capital under the programme.

From City Hall, I will continue to monitor how our borough could continue to benefit from this.

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