Unions, students and community against cuts

UNIONS, students and workers who attended a meeting pledged to oppose the proposed public service cuts in Newham.

They unanimously agreed to “work together in a co-ordinated manner to achieve effective opposition” to the cuts at the meeting held last week, writes KAY ATWAL.

It was attended by about 40 people representing trade unions, students, parents, workers and members of the community. It was organised by the National Union of Teachers to discuss the impact of government cuts on families, children and housing.

A statement issued by those who attended said: “The austerity package demanded by the Coalition Government would mean mass privatisation of services, more than a million job cuts, a tripling of student fees, drastic cuts to benefits, attacks on national pay and conditions, and making workers pay more to retire older for less pension.

“We believe that these cuts will only be defeated by powerful united action led by the trade unions and backed up together with campaigns of service users, welfare claimants, students, pensioners and others.”

Teachers leader Sue Giddens said: “The outcome of the meeting was unanimous...an agreement to work together (with other unions residents and employees in Newham) in a co-ordinated manner to achieve effective opposition to these dreadful proposals. One step forward will be a broader public meeting in January.”