UFO mystery in Plaistow...solved?

The mystery of the UFO seen in the skies above Newham seems to have been solved - it was a display craft.

Although it is impossible to be 100 per cent sure, the bright light seen by Harry St Louis weaving about on the night of June 8 bears a striking resemblance to display aircraft captured in a video posted on YouTube.

Our story on the UFO brought a response from another skywatcher who posted a video featuring four separate lights performing in the same manner as the object witnessed by Harry. You can see the video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqtB3VNE2_w

He was on his way home in the Greenway on the night of June 8 when he saw the large, bright light. At first he thought it was a firework but quickly discounted the theory as it continued to weave across the sky.

Harry, 19, who lives inMemorial Avenue, Stratford, then recorded the object’s movements on his phone and put the resulting video on YouTube, where unsurprisingly, it has scored thousands of hits, including one from the occupant of a Stratford flat who also witnessed the sight and another from Ilford.

He told the Recorder: “It was silent but considering it was so far away it was quite big. I must have been watching it for 30-40 seconds then I got my phone and recorded it for about 26 seconds. Then the flame disappeared and there were just these two dots with one coming in from the right hand side and then they went off at about 45 degrees.”

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