UEL has Clearing phone army to cope with student rush for places

Fresh from hosting Team USA during a highly successful Olympics, the University of East London is up and ready to handle the mass of calls from A-Level students wanting the chance to study there.

Open from 8am until 7.30pm for the next two days the UEL Clearing Centre will help prospective students, who have not secured a place at university or college, to find a suitable course.

It has hundreds of places on offer.

With 170 phone lines in the specially designed Clearing Centre by 10am today UEL had already taken 700 enquiries. UEL received nearly 10,000 calls on A-level results day.

Marketing director Catherine Downes said: “While some students might be put off by the Government’s new fees, it is worth remembering that no one will have to pay anything upfront. Going to university is still a good investment, as graduates still earn more over their lifetime and have greater job opportunities.”

Prospective students who want to apply to UEL should either visit the Clearing Centre at UEL’s Docklands Campus or call 020 8223 3333.

* UEL is hosting an open day on Saturday at both its Stratford and Docklands Campuses between 10am and 4pm. Applicants will be able to speak to academic members of staff about their course, view the facilities, such as the new �21million SportsDock, receive an offer and accept that offer on the day.