Thirty football-related arrests of West Ham fans last season

Upton Park

Upton Park - Credit: Archant

Thirty Hammers fans were arrested for football-related reasons last season, new figures released by the Office of National Statistics have revealed.

Of these, 12 were when the Hammers were playing at Upton Park.

Seven arrests were for violent disorder and 11 for public disorder, while two fans were also taken into custody for throwing missiles.

Alcohol offences, possessing pyrotechnics and invading the pitch made up the remainder of reasons for arrest.

The top flight clubs that saw the least number of fans arrested were Southampton and Crystal Palace, with each seeing just 10 arrests all season.

The worst-behaved Premiership fans last season were those of Manchester United, with 85 arrested for football-related reasons.

Leeds United had the worst figures in the top four divisions, with 99 arrests, while four clubs – two in League One and two in League Two – saw no arrests at all.

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West Ham declined to comment on the figures.