Temporary mosque reprieve slated as ‘unjust and divisive’

The decision by a government planning inspector that allows Islamic sect Tablighi Jamaat to continue to use their temporary mosque on the site of their proposed so-called ‘mega-mosque’ at West Ham has been roundly condemned by local opposition group Newham Concern.

The say the decision will “provide succour to Islamic radicals and will further boost the capital’s reputation as “Londonistan”.

“For years Tablighi Jamaat have deliberately flouted building regulations and planning laws,” said Alan Craig, Newham Concern’s campaign director and former leader of the opposition on Newham Council. “After much delay and procrastination the council at last took the right action and told them to move off site, but the planning inspector has overturned this and apparently decided that illegality pays and they can stay on site with temporary planning permission for two years.

“This is ominous for the future development of this key site. It is unjust, as the rest of us are expected to act within the law of the land or we get penalised,” said Mr Craig. “And it is divisive as it puts Tablighi Jamaat in a privileged protected position.”

He added opposition against the construction of the “massive monument to separatism, bigotry and misogyny” will continue.