Teenager jailed for 22 years after murdering man in Plaistow Park

Kaleb Amponsah, who murdered a man by stabbing him in the stomach twice

Kaleb Amponsah, who murdered a man by stabbing him in the stomach twice - Credit: Archant

A teenager who murdered a man after starting a fight with him in a park has been sentenced to 22 years in jail.

Amponsah fleeing the scene

Amponsah fleeing the scene - Credit: Archant

Kaleb Amponsah, 18, was found guilty of killing Ade Afariogun in Plaistow Park after stabbing him twice in the stomach.

He was sentenced today in the Old Bailey after being convicted on July 28.

Amponsah – of Robertson Road, Canning Town – started an argument with Mr Afariogun, who was with three female friends, on January 29.

He had ridden his bike past Mr Afariogun and stared at him aggressively before a scuffle broke out as the man was leaving the park.


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As friends of Afariogun intervened, Amponsah pulled a large knife from his waistband and stabbed the victim, inflicting wounds 4 and a half inches wide to his stomach.

He then fled the scene before being caught days later, while Mr Afariogun was taken to hospital and died on February 1.

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“The actions of Kaleb Amponsah have devastated my family,” Kay Oluwa, Mr Afariogun’s step-father, said.

“My wife has been emotionally destroyed; she cannot process what has happened and we can’t talk to each other about it. The strain on our marriage as a result is huge.”

He added: “Neither of us are emotionally strong enough to cope and this trial has been devastating and placed a new cloud over us. My younger two sons are numb, upset and angry all in one.

“I have had to be strong for them but I am finding it hard.”

Det Sgt Perry Benton said: “Five months after the original charge, Amponsah admitted being responsible for the fatal stabbing but claimed he had acted in self-defence after the victim attacked him.

“Thankfully the jury saw through this unlikely scenario, recognising this for the needless and cold-blooded murder it was.”

She added: “Ade was in the park with friends when he was killed for reasons that we have been unable to ascertain. He was well loved by his family and friends, who miss him very much.”

Three other males arrested in connection with the incident – two aged 16, one 17 – were released with no further action.

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