Tamils have no voice

NEWHAM’S Tamil community says it has been left without a voice after its regular radio slot was axed.

NUSound Radio 92 FM has allowed First Audio to broadcast a service over the past few years but decided to terminate the relationship after it became dissatisfied with their programmes’ content.

First Audio said it had provided the radio station with a Tamil service since it began in 2007. A spokeswoman for the service said “On November 6 without any prior notice (we were) axed from the usual slot.

“We were informed the next day via e-mail from Taari Sian that they were being taken off. It is an outrageous act which shows exactly how professional NUSound is and how they treat their long standing partners.

“This has caused much outrage in the Tamil community as in place of First Audio they were broadcasting Sinhalese music which is a sensitive issue in the Tamil community. Our entire community is left without a voice.”

Taari Sian, operations manager at NUSound Radio told the Recorder “In the last three to four years they have changed their pattern of broadcasts and were promoting five to six of their other services. We are a local broadcaster but their service was more for people in France, Germany and Belgium.

“There were a lot of listeners in Newham who were not happy because it wasn’t for them.”

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Mr Sian said they were catering for the Tamil community with a breakfast show that includes music, entertainment and information. He said the radio also caters for a dozen different communities in the borough.

First Audio said Mr Sian had failed to contact or speak to the staff.