Talented Newham writers needed for new Anna Wilson book

Budding authors from Newham can name a character in a bestselling children’s author’s new book.

Anna Wilson, who has captured the capers of cats and dogs in nine titles so far including her latest paperback, The Poodle Problem, is delighted to have been asked to judge the charity’s 2012 competition.

She said: “I’m honoured to be asked to judge the PDSA writing competition.

It’s a brilliant way to inspire young people who love animals to have a go at being creative.

I’m very much looking forward to reading the entries and meeting the winner!”

To get our young writers off to a flying start Anna has provided the first few lines of the story, all our story tellers have to do is say what happens next:

Archie leant over the small bundle and peered closely.

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“I have to admit I’ve never seen her look like this before,” he said, his forehead creasing in a frown. “She’s normally full of energy! You say she came in from the garden and just curled up in her basket?”

Polly nodded glumly. “Normally when I get home from school she comes running up the path to say hello. She was waiting for me as usual, but she just looked – sad,” she finished, shrugging. “And she didn’t want her tea. Now that is just weird. She always wants her tea!”

To be continued.......

Entries can be typed or handwritten and be between 500 – 2,000 words long and writers have to be under 18.

The first prize winner will name a canine character in Anna’s next book and get to meet Anna on a VIP tour of the PDSA PetAid hospital in Bristol - the winner must be available to meet Anna between 30 August and 7 September.

For more information on PDSA Pet Protectors and the PDSA Writing Competition with Anna Wilson visit: www.pdsa.org.uk/pet-protectors/win/writing-competition#how-do-i-enter to download the entry form

Closing date for entries is 10 June 2012. All entries to be posted to PDSA Pet Protectors HQ, Whitechapel way, Priorslee, Telford, Shropshire TF2 9PQ OR email: competitions@pdsa.org.uk .